Olivia's Outstanding Oolong (Iron Buddha)

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Tea connoisseurs have probably heard of this same tea by the names of Ti Kuan Yin, Tie Guan Yin, or Iron Goddess of Mercy. Regardless of what you call it, its distinctive flavor and light floral fragrance are what make this China’s most famous oolong tea. Olivia’s Outstanding Oolong has a light golden-amber infusion with a beautifully floral finish. It is truly a tea masterpiece, and highly recommended if you have never tried Oolong tea before!

Tea Family: Oolong

The name Oolong stems from the Chinese name meaning “black dragon tea”. Oolong teas are very popular in Chinese culture and considered one of the healthier types of teas on earth. Some of the benefits of this tea include anti-aging, anti-cancer, the treatment and prevention of diabetes, and an aid in weight loss. When you combine a great tasting tea with a pleasant fragrance and numerous health benefits, it’s not hard to see why Oolong teas are very popular among tea connoisseurs.

Serving Size:

40g = 20 Servings
50g = 25 Servings 

Brewing Instructions:

Use 1 tsp of loose leaf tea per 6-8oz of boiling hot water. Allow it to steep for 5 mins and enjoy!

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