Roy's Relaxing Peppermint

10% of all proceeds of this product are donated towards the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. Please see “Where Does the $$$ Go” for breakdown of how the funds are distributed.


Peppermint has a refreshing, healing and rejuvenating flavor full of natural oils. Our small leaf peppermint tisane generates a pleasant aroma and a brisk, refreshing cup of tea. This is a straight cut mint, no tea leaves involved, so you know you are getting only the pure flavour of peppermint!

Among many of the health benefits of consuming Roy’s Relaxing Peppermint include ease of stomach inflammation, indigestion, and bloating. It is an evening treat for lovers of minty freshness!

Tea Family: Herbal

Various teas that consist of herbal flavours with generally more health benefits. Not much more complicated than that!

Serving Size:

40g = 20 Servings

Brewing Instructions:

Use 1 tsp of peppermint tisane per 6-8oz of water. It can be drunk hot in the winter, and ice cold in the summer. Allow it to steep for 5 mins and enjoy!

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