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Cody's Calming Green Tea

10% of all proceeds of this product are donated towards the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. Please see “Where Does the $$$ Go” for breakdown of how the funds are distributed.


Green tea is one of the most historied tea families and is very popular in both China and Japan. Our Genmaicha green tea takes the finest Japanese Sencha green tea leaves and combines them with roasted rice and popped corn to create a sweeter, easy drinking tea compared to the sharp overtones typical in other green teas. This Japanese-inspired tea stands the test of time, and could have been enjoyed in old tea houses 50-60 years ago as easily as it can be today in trendy coffee/tea shops. Cody’s Calming Green Tea is highly recommended for any and all types of tea consumers.

For those who aren't familiar with Genmaicha/Sencha tea, the taste is generally what you would find at a typical Japanese restaurant!

Tea Family: Green

Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the least processed types of tea available. As a result, it contains the most antioxidants, which result in green tea being the healthiest type of tea. Health benefits include: positive impacts towards cancer prevention, lower cholesterol, prevention of heart and stroke disease, increase in weight loss, etc.

Serving Size:

100g = 50 Servings

Brewing Instructions:

Use 1 tsp of loose leaf tea per 6-8oz of boiling hot water. Allow it to steep for 5 mins and enjoy!

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