Where Does The $$$ Go

So by now you may have looked around the website and noticed that a portion of every item sold includes a donation to the fight against Parkinson's Disease.

But where will the money actually go?

The funds will be distributed to three different areas, all just as important as the next in this fight to end PD:

Global (35%):

Michael J Fox Foundation

I call this bucket "the clouds". These are funds that will be donated to the #1 Parkinson's foundation in the world, the Michael J Fox Foundation.

The money donated to this bucket will go towards scientific research in the hopes of finding a cure.


Regional (35%):

Parkinson's Society British Columbia (PSBC)

I call this bucket "the dirt". Whereas the clouds are essentially the overarching dream/goal which may take a while to achieve and progress may be difficult to measure, the dirt is where most of the action happens. These donations will go to provincial/state organizations to provide a more local presence in the community and the government.

The money donated to this bucket will go towards impacting the bureaucratic system in the hopes that organizations are able to lobby the government for more research funding/grants or increased access to various treatment methods. From personal experience as an Advocate for the PSBC, I can assure that these actions definitely provide measurable results, as I have personally been on campaigns lobbying the government successfully for things such as the the funding approval for DUODOPA treatment in British Columbia.


Community (30%):

Rock Steady Boxing New West

I call this the day to day. When you think about it, the majority of funds that are donated for almost all medical causes go towards finding a cure for a certain disease/illness, or in other words, lab research. However, at the same time, many people are currently afflicted by the disease/illness and also require assistance in order to improve/maintain their current standard of life. These people are for the most part overlooked during the donation process.

This bucket will go towards individuals in the community who are currently afflicted with the disease, including fitness classes such as the RockSteady community gyms, community outreach programs, other local businesses specializing in PD treatment/rehabilitation/awareness. These organizations are often underfunded and struggle on a monthly basis to stay open.

Please see below for a picture of our most recent donation to RockSteady Boxing New Westminster at the Royal City Rumble event:


Hopefully this summary makes sense to you. I don't know many other organizations/charities that split their donations this way, and this is simply a model that I have created. However, I feel as though this would cover all aspects in the fight against Parkinson's Disease. Finding a cure is definitely the main goal, but it is important not to neglect the politics involved to make it happen, as well as the millions of people currently afflicted with the disease. If you have any questions with regards to anything above, please feel free to reach out to me at TeaParky@gmail.com.




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