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PD Partners

Please see below for a list of our partners in the fight against Parkinson's Disease:

The Art Cart:

The Art Cart spreads smiles and healing through art to people living with Parkinson's Disease. Our Smile Through Art program is a creativity and movement program for people living with Parkinson's disease. We travel to different cities and states to be accessible to our Parkinson's population and bring our workshops to them. Our workshops focus on several symptomatic areas such as fine motor control, rigidity, tremors, depression, and micrographia. We have also published an interactive workbook, Let's Combat Micrographia, which is available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.

For more infomation, please contact smilethroughart@gmail.com!


Don't Mess With Ganesh:

Don't Mess With Ganesh was founded in 2014 by two people on a wanderlust adventure in Bali. Two souls on a scooter, totally lost and totally loving it. Enroute to Ubud, searching for Shambhala, and the idea for Don't Mess With Ganesh was born. The philosophy of DMWG is simple - common decency makes common sense.

One of our founders cared for his father, who suffered from Parkinson's Disease. This yoga inspired clothing line was started with love on his 80th birthday in an effort to raise both awareness and funds for research in Parkinson's.

For more info, please check out DontMessWithGanesh.com!






More partners coming soon!

We're A Match(a) Made In Heaven!

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