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Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder

10% of all proceeds of this product are donated towards the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. Please see “Where Does the $$$ Go” for breakdown of how the funds are distributed.

100% certified organic premium grade green Matcha from the Kagoshima regions in Japan. Made from 100% pure green tea leaves, stone ground into fine powder and packaged for your consumption.

Emerald green in colour and full of numerous nutrients including vitamin A, C, E and amino acids, this Matcha is refreshing to the palate and suitable for use in all culinary creations.

A taste of nature in every sip!

Serving Size:

50g = 40-45 Servings - ***Size in picture***
100g = 80-90 Servings


Handle with care - Matcha is highly sensitive to air, moisture and light. Always completely reseal bag after use. Store in a cool, dry area.

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