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The #BeatParky Podcast: Episode 7 - Denny Dumas

September 26, 2018

The #BeatParky Podcast: Episode 7 - Denny Dumas

Welcome to the #BeatParky podcast - created by Michael (Founder of Tea Parky) to give insight into life through the eyes of someone affected by Parkinson's Disease, as well as the struggles of trying to build a successful start-up. Guests are also brought on to discuss all sorts of random topics!

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Episode 7: This week on #BeatParky Podcast Michael is joined by Denny Dumas, a realtor in Greater Vancouver who has seen great success since entering the industry a couple of years ago.

The guys talk about Denny's backstory and how he got into real estate, the drive and work ethic required to separate yourself from the rest in a professional field, what motivates/drives them, self-development, the wild Vancouver real estate market and defend social media against producer Karol!


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